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Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Who We Are

A small group of volunteers who have a huge passion for saving the most precious animals that are due to be killed every day in the high kill shelters in Texas.

Although it breaks our heart, we know we cannot save them all, but we do everything in our varying abilities to save as many as we can.

Since the rescue has re-located from Texas in July 2015, the task is harder as we have to rely on others in Texas, pay the additional vetting and transport costs to get them from Texas to Maine, but the precious souls we save are absolutely worth it.

All of our volunteers have their own lives, jobs, school, families, hobbies, but we do what we can when and where we can. Working together we continue in our mission of "Saving those that would otherwise be KILLED!"

What We Do

We started of as Give a Dog a Home - San Antonio (TX) saving puppies from the local high kill shelters. Many puppies were sick or became sick and it was a constant fight to keep them alive, this after a year was emotionally, mentally and financially exhausting and so we switched to our true passion of saving German Shepherd Dogs and the rescue became "Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue".

We never became a true German Shepherd Dog only rescue, we have always saved mixes, but since we moved to Maine in July 2015 there is a huge demand for dogs of all sizes and so you will see dogs ranging from 5 pound chihuahua's up to St. Bernard's and of course the ever faithful, magnificent German Shepherd Dogs.

We still save dogs from Texas and work with just a few select shelters. This way we have an understanding of each other and an excellent working relationship with a common goal. They know what dogs I can and will take and I know if they need help with a dog or two, or they have their "staff favourites" I will step up.

At the beginning of May 2017 we finished a complete make-over of the kennel building as it was not nice and in the 2 years being here, only used it once. Everything was ripped out, leaving the outside shell and put back together with non-porous and much more suitable materials for a kennel environment. 

There are still lots of things we want to do and there is ALWAYS things that can be improved upon, but we feel we have given ourselves a good foundation to build on, with the little we had to go off.

We plan on running the rescue like a shelter, with volunteers, opening hours and such, however, we will NEVER not have our application process, so no one, unless they are pre-approved, will be able to walk into the rescue and choose a dog and take it home. We are hoping to recruit volunteers in June and get a schedule so we can be open to the public and of course give the dogs that all so important socialization with different people.

We have worked with many veterans in providing dogs that have been suitable for Service Dog Training and we are currently hoping to set up other programs that could benefit veterans or others with any kind of disability that the company of a dog can help.

We have lots of ideas and are looking to welcome pro-active, honest, reliable people who have a passion for saving dogs and helping us to save more. With the right people, forming the right team, the potential of what we can achieve is HUGE.

In 2016 we adopted 150 dogs to families throughout Maine, states along the East Coast and families in Canada.

From January 2017 - 15 May 2017 we are already at 69 adoptions.

95% of families travel to the rescue in Sebec and so we are not only saving lives, but bringing awareness of the problem, bringing awareness of our small town, Sebec, and bringing business to the communities as people often stay over, eat out, get fuel, buy things for their new best friend and snacks for themselves.


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