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Outside Kennel Clean-Up (not poop)

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June 09, 2017
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10am - 2pm


Back of kennelsAlways lots of clean up to do at the rescue. We have a dumpster.

The grass needs to be cut (we have a rider mower)

Leaves need to be swept up.

Outside area swept and tidied.

Flower beds in desperate need of tidying up.

If you see it and you think it could look better - go for it.



Drinks Provided Adequate Parking Tools Required Family Friendly Wheelchair Accessible Outdoors Meals Provided

Additional Information

Q: Minimum Age to Participate
A: You must be age 13 or older to participate.

Q: Minors Require an Adult
A: Yes

Q: Details of Tools Required
A: If you have general gardening tools that would be helpful, I have minimal items.

Q: Plan for Bad Weather
A: There is plenty of organizing and tidying up to do indoors.

Q: Details of Provided Meals
A: Big Thank you to Hollywood Casino, Bangor for kindly donating our energy resource for the day!

Q: Details of Provided Drinks
A: Bottled water.